Use the speed test to measure the upload and download Internet speeds between the computer on which you are running the test and this monitoring server. The monitoring server is located on the Datastream backbone.

This test consists of a file download from the IHMS server to your PC. By calculating the time taken for this download to be completed, the server can calculate your upload and download speeds at that particular moment in time.

The upload speed refers to the speed of the connection from your PC to the IHMS server. On the other hand, the download speed refers to the speed of the connection from the IHMS server to your PC. Usually an Internet connection is not symmetrical and the download speed tends to be higher than the upload speed, for example 128k (download) / 64k (upload) connection.
The Ookla Speed Test requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

Warning !! Do not use your internet connection while the test is running!!

To repeat the test kindly press F5 or the refresh button of your browser

The results which are provided by this web page are only valid for broadband connections up to 75Mbps. It is suggested that subscribers to such connections may refer to to carry out speed tests. We recommend that when accessing local servers are chosen as test points as these provide a more accurate reading of the connection speed.

As shown in the diagram below, the connection used to download the test file (highlighted in red) goes through your ISP network and the Malta Internet Exchange. The connection is independent of the Internet.